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Meeting with Meriah Cory

MeriahAmerican Corner Oskemen hosted a US Independence Day celebration!The program included a discussion club in English on the topic of the English language, culture associated with the United States; team Jeopardy game in English,

this game included topics such as: cities, states, geography, random facts, literature and cinema. A special guest was Meriah Ember Cory, a former Peace Corps volunteer who volunteered at Oskemen Corner in 2010. She is a teacher for children with special needs. She talked about US Independence Day, talked about herself, her work experience, also talked about her volunteering experience and why volunteering is important for everyone. We also had guests from Nigeria, Kenya and Germany. All in all, it was a very fun evening in which people gained important knowledge about US history, won prizes for playing, spoke with a native speaker, ate pizza and played board games. Number of people 34.