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Merry Christmas!

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We all love Saturday!
Saturday December 25th is especially magical. "Why?," you can ask. Did you know that it is on this day that Catholic Christmas is celebrated. This day did not go unnoticed in our corner either. After all, this is a magical holiday where we learn the history of Christmas, traditions and other things.
Our participants and guests of the corner had the opportunity to look into this world. What were the activities that day? It all started with a good conversation between the guys who willingly shared their customs on New Years and Christmas. After that, they played different games. For example, UNO, Mafia, Spy, Elias and so on. We would like to add that the Spy game took place through an online platform and it was interesting to observe the reactions of our friends.
After some good games, it's time to give each other gifts. Last week, random names were given to whom the gifts were to be bought. You should have seen the happy and joyful faces of our participants! The best thing for a good atmosphere!
At three o'clock an hour passed with a native speaker. Fulbright Fellow Mr. DeJavis Mikhail Bosket presented interesting facts, stories and traditions of Americans on Christmas Day. We not only managed to learn something new, but also to spend time with benefit.
The end of the day was a film that ended perfectly on December 25th. The second part of the film Home Alone was indescribable, the guests watched the film, expressed their emotions, laughed a lot and tried our delicious treats prepared for them!
Summing up, we want to say that we appreciate all of you, wish you a Merry Christmas and wish you the very best in the Coming New Year!