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Meeting with Yevgeniy Chebatkov

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Stand-Up comedian Yevgeniy Chebatkov joined us for a discussion about humour. 
How would you define humour and what are its limits? Our guest told us about the role and importance of humour in his own life and how writing jokes in English can be different from doing it in other languages. Everyone stated their opinion, shared funny stories, and the time flew by. 

 In his interviews, Yevgeniy mentioned that he used to be an active participant in our clubs while living in Oskemen. Therefore, this meeting was also a great opportunity for us to discover more about the past of our Corner and feel nostalgic. Yevgeniy shared his memories and answered all of the questions of other participants and volunteers. 

We are deeply grateful for the chance to meet and talk with such a talented and humble person.
Thanks for the engaging discussion!