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September 1, the first day of new academic year, Pushkin Library opened with the portable reading room – UniLibrary.

Portable reading room UNI – is the joint project of US Embassy in Kazakhstan and Pushkin Library.

What is The Uni Project?
The Uni Project is a nonprofit that brings learning opportunities to public space in New York City. Using custom-designed installations, we pop up in parks, plazas, and other public spaces to offer reading, drawing, and hands-on activities that let New Yorkers embrace the act of learning. We partner with community organizations and city agencies, and we prioritize underserved locations.

Official website of The Uni Project:


UNI is the field where the library will organise book exhibitions, public reading,board games competetions, different cultural events and consulting programs about education abroad for kids.
Collection of UNI consists of colourful books for kids, developing boardgames for kids, fiction and scientific literature, popular magazines for kids and teens in english, kazakh and russian languages. Books and other resourses were provided by American Corner and Kids’ Centre of Pushkin Library.
In the warm weather UniLibrary will work open-air in front of the library area, parks, summer camps and in the cold weather UniLibrary will travell around the branches of Central City Library and other local libraries. Besides, UniLibrary will visit City orphanages, drama theater’s games room, and big shopping centres zones. You can follow after UniLibrary and trace it’s movement on our page on Instagram, where you can leave your comment or suggestions. If you want UniLibrary in your area you can leave your application here. Invite us and we will come!

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