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Uni Library The Uni Project is nonprofit dedicated to expanding a culture of learning beyond the walls of libraries, into public space. To that end, we’ve developed a new tool to do this work: a portable reading room kit that can be deployed in almost any location. We call it the Uni.

The Uni reading room kit relies on an architect designed structure that can be rolled into place where people already gather, such as Etno parks, East technical university, Kazakh American free university and markets. Colorful benches provide seating.

The Uni Cart transports books and activities inside a stage case, rolls into place, and unfolds into an attractive, two-sided sculptural shelf. Magnets allow the cart to stay open in various partially open positions, as well as fully open. The cart rides on eight high-capacity locking wheels.
The whole month of February Uni Library was in the library of Kazakh-American Free University (KAFU). During this time our Uni Library visited 447 students and teachers
The whole month of March Uni Library was in East Kazakstan State University (EKSU). During this time our Uni Library visited 515 students and teachers.
The whole month of April Uni Library was in the East Kazakhstan Technical University (EKSTU) during this time our Uni Library visited 880 students and teachers.
On the shelves of the portable library students can find resources in English, Kazakh and Russian languages. The "treasure" of the book collections are resources for preparation for International exams like: IELTS, TOEFL, GRE. Original american fiction literature and levelled, adapted collections of American Corner. Also, users can find professional literature in kazakh and russian languages like: economics, law, pedagogy, journalism etc.
The whole month of May Uni library will stay Ethno park. There you can find modern educational and methodical editions in English, Kazakh and Russian languages. And also Uni Libarary is a chance to read and spend good time in Ethno park. Beautiful nature and fresh air will provide good mood to our readers!

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