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Info – Caravan Info – Caravan is a special ACC program started in 2006. The program aims at delivering information to rural regions and provincial towns for the lack of English literature there. Info-Caravan includes “Traveling Collection” – printed and electronic resource to “work” at a local library for 4-5 months, and live part – a workshop for EFL teachers and meeting with native speaker or alumna. Since its start there were taken 19 routes, and about 600 people were introduced to the ACC resource and services at presentations.
The most remote destination was to Zaisan (450 km) and the nearest route lead to Humanitarian College in Ust-Kamenogorsk.
The effect of the program is reflected in daily visitors to the libraries, renewing traveling collections and virtual requests.
The program has become popular, and we are working over its further development and expanding outreach.