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References & Encyclopedias

computingA dictionary of computing [Text] : словарь. - fifth ed. - New York : Oxford University Press, 2004. - 597 p. - ISBN 0-19-860877-2
This bestselling dictionary is compiled by a team of computer specialists, making in the most authoritative and up-to-date dictionary of computing available. It provides comprehensive coverage of computer applications in industry, the office, science, education, and at home, making it an ideal reference for students, teachers, professionals, and all computer users. It has over 6,300 entries in its fifth edition.




legal_dictRussian-English/English-Russian Pocket Legal Dictionary = Русско-английский/англо-русский карманный юридический словарь [Text] / L. Chernyakhovskaya. - New York : Hippocrene Books, Inc., S. a. - 307 p. - ISBN 978-0-7818-1222-1
Hippocrene's Russian Pocket Legal Dictionary is the perfect portable reference for anyone who needs legal terms at their fingertips. It is designed to help communicate in real-life situations where it is vital to quickly find a legal term or phrase in Russian. At 6,000 entries, this pocket-size dictionary is small but comprehensive. Convenient and easy-to-use, it includes current terms and concepts relevant to everyday legal situations. Arranged by topic for easy reference, this dictionary gives users quick access to the right word. * Topics include: General and Procedural Terms, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Family Law, Health Care Law, Housing Law, Immigration Law, and Traffic Law * Perfect for professionals who work with Russian speakers, including interpreters and translators, police, customs, and social services * Ideal for Russian speakers in legal situations

spellingDictionary of Spelling [Text] : more than 16.000 words / M. Terban. - New York : Scholastic Inc., 2006. - 272 p. : il. - Текст на англ. языке. - ISBN 0-439-76421-1 : Б. ц.
With a brand new design, 1,000 additional words, and new fun sections like "The Four Longest Words in the English Language" and "The Spelling Words That Made Kids Champions," this is the perfect spelling resource for students. The introduction gives instructions for looking up a word the reader does not necessarily know how to spell, offers more than 150 memory tricks to correct commonly misspelled words, and clearly explains general spelling rules (and their exceptions). Furthermore, to aid pronunciation, each word is divided into syllables with the accented syllable in boldface

synonScholastic Dictionary of Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homonyms [Text]. - New York : Scholastic, 2001. - 220 p. - Текст на англ. языке. - ISBN 978-0-439-25415-1
Containing 12,000 synonyms, 10,000 antonyms, and 2,000 homonyms, this versatile book is the perfect reference tool for student writers. Not only will it help students expand their vocabularies, this lightweight volume will help young people pick the perfect words to express their thought and feelings. This handy guide will help kids remember just how many different ways there are to express their thoughts and feelings. It's the perfect portable reference for any student writer!


longmanPhoto Dictionary of American English [Text] : with 2 audio CDs. - New York : Pearson Education Limited, 2010. - 144 p. : фот.цв. - (Longman). - на англ. яз. - ISBN 978-1-4058-2796-6
The book makes learning 3000 English words easy. The clear and up-to-date color photos help you learn words in context. 3000 words cover all the topics that you need in everyday life, from Housing, Food and Clothes, to Computers, Jobs and Sports. Conversation Activities on each page for practice in class. Writing activities for extra written practice.