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These-United-StatesThese United States [Text] / photographs by J. Rajs, introductions by W. Croncite. - New York : Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 2004. - 248 p. - ISBN 0-8478-2668-6
This precious jewel of a book beautifullu captures the breadth and scope of the heart and spirit of the United States.


amsterdamRough guide to Amsterdam [Text]. - 7th ed. - [S. l. : s. n.], 2003. - 291 p. : цв.ил., фот.цв. - Текст на англ. языке. - ISBN 1-85828-898-3
The Rough Guide to Amsterdam is an indispensable guide to this compact and instantly likeable city. Described in the introduction as ''an intriguing mix of the parochial and the international, Amsterdam has a welcoming attitude towards visitors shaped by the liberal counter-culture of the last four years''. The Rough Guide introduction highlights 23 ''Things Not to Miss'', from elegant canalside architecture and vibrant markets to outstanding art collections and traditional bars. The heart of the guide provides detailed listings, practical information and entertaining accounts of the city''s sights. Supporting the text are maps and plans covering the entire city, many in full colour and keyed with bars, restaurants and clubs.


all_aroundAll Around the Year [Text] : holidays and celebrations in American life / J. Santino. - Urbana : University of Illinois Press, 1995. - 227 p. : il., фот. - ISBN 978-0-252-06516-3
Whether decorating Easter trees, observing the New Year's Eve ritual of the Hungry Hog Society, or celebrating Wagner's birthday by incinerating a model of Valhalla on an outdoor barbecue to the closing strains of "Gotterdammerung, " Americans combine the traditional and the offbeat as they create new holidays and celebrate old ones. In All Around the Year, Jack Santino guides the reader through a variety of holidays, festivals, and life-cycle rituals and celebrations. Drawing from history, anthropology, popular culture, and folklore, Santino shows the intricate relationships between holidays and the roles of celebrations and rituals in people's lives. He combines scholarship, field research, and personal reminiscence in this highly readable account of a subject that constitutes a major dimension of our social lives. Nearly fifty illustrations depict holiday symbols and decorations both traditional and contemporary, from greeting cards to wreath-bedecked cars to restaurant menus.

ahnew1American Holidays [Text] : exploring Traditions, Customs, and Backgrounds / B. Klebanow, S. Fisher. - Vermont : Pro Lingua Associates, Publishers, 2005. - 174 p. : il., фот. - Текст на англ. языке. - ISBN 0-86647-196-0
July 4th, Election Day, Christmas, and New Year's Eve: Reading about our American national holidays is not only fun, it is a way of exploring our diverse culture and values. How do we celebrate Memorial Day? What is the history of Thanksgiving? What does "Be my valentine" mean? Special features: 4 appendices of typical holiday gifts, traditional holiday songs, readings for the holidays, a listing of other holidays in the US, the official national holiday of each country in the world.


speak_americanSpeak American [Text] : a Survival Guide to the Language and Culture of the U.S.A. / D. B. Johnston. - New York : Random House, Inc., 2000. - 231 p. : il. - на англ. яз. - ISBN 978-0-375-70468-0
Imagine that you're from England, or India, or Hong Kong, and your English is impeccable. But when you travel to America, you get a funny look when you tell a colleague,"I'll knock you up tomorrow at half-eight." And you can't find bangers on a single restaurant menu. You feel like you speak a foreign language-because you do! You need to know how to survive in American English, and this book will help you do it. This user-friendly guide focuses on the vocabulary that newcomers to the U.S. really need to know. Arranged by subject, from driving to shopping to eating, the book includes information on basic cultural and linguistic differences between British and American English, including particular pitfalls to watch for, and a handy glossary.Each chapter begins with a quick-reference summary of key confusable words. Americanisms, grammar, and cultural points.Offers guidance on social issues such as tipping and addressing people.Perfect for travelers, businesspeople, and students.