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Info-Caravan to Shemonaikha

On October 21, ACC Info-Caravan traveled to Shemonaikha. The 5-6 grades school students and their English teachers gathered for meeting in their school. ACC colleagues started with media-lessons "Kazakhstan is my Motherland”, and “American Elementary School”.

On these lessons students knew about our Republic Day celebration and American education system  that we have similar education conditions. Republic Day holiday is for strengthening of brotherhood and friendship of Kazakh people, and revival of national traditions. During the meeting Teachers were introduced with modern resources for English teaching, online webinars and workshops. For teachers' attention has been presented different manuals, games CD’s, books exhibition on teaching methods, information about online webinars and TEA program, media lessons and methodical literature exhibition (Family&Friends, Activity box, Activities and Greetings, Oxford Grammar for Schools, English Teaching Forums and Internet resources from ELibraryUSA. And then for participants were presented an overview of library services, such as electronic application and data bases, information about ACC resources. Colorful and varied wonderful training books immediately found a response in the audience. For example: «Activate-Games for Learning American English”, etc. ACC colleagues spoke about new approaches in English language teaching. Teachers had an opportunity to share their experience and ideas with each other.


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