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Meeting with AES Hydroelectric power station Directors

On October 14, Access Students had a great opportunity to meet with AES Hydroelectric power station Directors Mr.Neil McIlwaine from Northern Ireland, Zair Kashek AES Communication and Cooperation Director in Kazakhstan, Natalya Volosnikova AES English Teacher, Nikolay Peichev AES Stakeholders Director from Bulgaria.

They motivated students to think deeply about their future professions possibilities, career paths. This speaking experience was precious, as students had a great opportunity to speak with specialists especially of different professions, students asked for advice in choosing their future profession. AES Representatives shared about their culture and values; higher education abroad, motivated students in learning English. They shared about their favorite books, family, movies, kayaking, sport, and home town, and wished them successful study at the Access program. Students were happy having such a great opportunity to communicate with honorable guests.

It was a great opportunity for students to practice their language skills with AES Representatives and to learn more about their life and culture, customs, and traditions. Access Students talked that it was interesting useful and really good experience for them. We’ve noticed that during the meeting they expressed themselves more freely and their speaking skills became better.

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