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About Us

ACOskemen.jpgAmerican Corner - is a collection of English information resources, consulting educational service and a place of arranging cultural events. It is located in the Pushkin East Kazakhstan Regional Library. The American Corner in Oskemen is the first in a network of the 11 American Corners and Centers across Kazakhstan. The Center consists of 2 rooms. The first is a reading hall; the second is a room for watching movie and searching in the Internet. About 50 visitors a day use the AC's resources, the Internet and Education Advising Centers.

The AC supplies its users with information about the U.S.A., and offers a rich collection of books and periodical editions, a wide collection of fiction films on video and DVD, interactive educational programs, electronic encyclopedias, and dictionaries on CDs.
American Corner provides its resources to rural regions. This special project is called Info-Caravan.

All computers of the American Corner have access to the Internet and full text databases of EBSCO and Ebrary Library Center.

AC clubs have a great popularity among visitors. Participants of the “Movie Club”, “Discussion Club” etc. exchange their opinions and ideas, watch American movies, discuss actual global problems with Peace Corps volunteers. Exhibitions, workshops, public lectures and other events appeal to broad audiences. The American Corner is visited by school and university students, EFL teachers, NGO representatives, state employees for education and research purposes. All our events are free of charge.

On December 10, 2003 the first American Culture Center in Kazakhstan, attached to the East-Kazakhstan Oblast Pushkin Library, was inaugurated. Grant support by the U.S. State Department and creative initiative of the East-Kazakhstan Librarian Association opened the doors of U.S. information center in the East–Kazakhstan Oblast in the presence of the library patrons.

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