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We create and live

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Dear Friends

A wonderful project is being implemented on the basis of the library. We create and live is a free creative craft course for special people.


Meeting with Yevgeniy Chebatkov

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Stand-Up comedian Yevgeniy Chebatkov joined us for a discussion about humour. 
How would you define humour and what are its limits? Our guest told us about the role and importance of humour in his own life and how writing jokes in English can be different from doing it in other languages. Everyone stated their opinion, shared funny stories, and the time flew by. 


Meeting with native speakers

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Our library was visited by the coordinator of the educational programs of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan Asiyat Nurtayevna Suleimenova, Fulbright ETA Henry David Bring from Minnesota State and Fulbright eta Dejavis Mikhail Bosket from Hawaii State.


Literature club 35

Literature club 35

Литература с носителем языка! 
Приглашаем всех, кто увлекается Американской литературой или просто любит английский язык, на нашу встречу. Участники литературного клуба обсуждают структуру литературного повествования, элементы композиции и многое другое.
Лидер клуба: Профессор университета Линчберг, литературовед Ричард Бёрк. Обсуждаемые рассказы этой встречи:
1. Муха - Мэнсфилд Кэтрин
2. Уильям Карлос Уильямс

Дата и время: Июнь 18, 20:00
Zoom ID: 893 3338 2419
Password: literature