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Power Tools in the EFL Classroom w/ Sandra Lee

School Teachers had a great privilege of attending the most incredible professional development workshop "Power Tools in the EFL Classroom" at the American Corner Oskemen led by U.S. English Language Fellow Sandra Lee.

During the workshops all School Teachers were introduced with modern teaching approaches on Classroom management, how to get students to talk, power tool paraphrases, relative clauses, to make a dictionary, how to use tools outside the classroom,design chants, games and interactive activities, role plays, how to teach grammar, leadership, reading, speaking and listening skills, interviewing for interactive activities: using interviewing skills to ask and answer questions, online resources etc.. For Teachers' attention were presented different teaching methods, information about online resources, American English Teaching Forums, useful links, online webinars etc. Teachers had a great opportunity to share their experience and ideas with each other. Our teachers definitely learnt better ways to widen teaching approaches. They learnt how to even more make students active and enthusiastic to learn vocabulary and how to engage students in asking and responding observe critical questions. All participants were awarded by the certificates of achievement and American English Teaching Forums. Big thanks to U.S. English Language Fellow Sandra Lee!


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