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Goodbye KAFU college, Hello EKTE college!

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The last two weeks in October Uni Library stayed in KAFU college. During these two weeks our Uni Library visited 415 students and teachers.

Now we are moving to Hello East-Kazakhstan Technical & Economic college! 
There you can find modern educational and methodical editions in English, Kazakh and Russian languages. There are sample editions of the ACC resource on teaching and studying English, fiction literature for teenagers and adults.

Uni Libarary is a chance to read and spend good time with your favourite book!

You're still not an active reader of AC Oskemen!? Then join us in this month and spend your free time in a warm and cozy place with a book in your hands!!!

For more information about AC&MS Oskemen and also leave your comments/suggestions, you can on the pages below: 
VK: American Corner & Maker Space Oskemen 
Instagram: ac_oskemen

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