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Amazing places of East Kazakhstan!

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As mentioned in N. A. Nazarbayev's programmatic article "A Look Into The Future: Modernization Of Public Consciousness", we need a project "Sacral Geography of Kazakhstan." The essence of the project is to create a single field, a single chain of cultural and geographic shrines in Kazakhstan.

The grateful land of East Kazakhstan in abundance is endowed with significant cultural and historical objects and mythological, sacred places. Here, in the land of the great Abai, there are many places that preserve centuries-old secrets and miraculous abilities. Here are the famous ancient Shilikty and Berel burial mounds, relict Markakol and Zaisan lakes, famous Rakhman keys, the multi-colored pyramids of Kiin-Kirish and the curative lake of the Konyr-Aulieh cave. Here, near the Belukha mountains, they are looking for an entrance to the mystical country of Shambhala and the mysterious Belovodie.

Sacred and amazing in its beauty, the objects of our region will undoubtedly occupy a worthy place on the general map of cultural relics of Kazakhstan. You can learn more about the unique places that are worth to visit in East Kazakhstan, on the library's local history website. Visit, study, be surprised, be charged with positive energy and again fall in love with our wonderful land of ancient magic!

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